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Power Industry

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Why will power plants continue to trust us? The answer is our reliable products,sincere services and successful cases we have served. Capable of going through the strict test of time and working environment, our bearings can help equipment manufacturers and users improve productivity, reduce downtime, thus reducing the total cost.

Power plants require products of better performance and longer service life, which can be met by our products for coal-fired power plants. We can bring you added values with our products.

Our tapered roller bearings, spherical roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings and ball bearings, which incorporate years of experience in bearing design, application and manufacturing technologies, have high performance and long service lives when applied to the shaft necks of the vertical mills and ball mill, gear transmissions and other power  equipment. Reliable products are based on reliable materials. The bearing steel we use can reduce the influence of abrasive particles emerging in most industries to a minimum level.

Our bearings are used for grinding coal, boiler heaters and other related power equipment in the power industry.

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