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Petroleum Industry

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The demand for refined oil, ethylene and three major synthetic materials (plastics, synthetic rubbers and synthetic fiber) is gradually increasing with the development of offshore oil, land oil and natural gas. As a result, a large number of oil and gas pipeline gathering equipment and large-sized efficient petrochemical equipment are required, with the oil exploration equipment and drilling equipment used in the development of desert and ocean in particular. Therefore, the annual amount of auxiliary equipment and maintenance parts for the petrochemical equipment such as Guang Yang Bearings, machinery seals, stuffing static seals etc. will increase dramatically in demand.

Wafangdian Guang Yang Bearing Co., Ltd. has developed a series of sealed spherical roller bearings resistant to heat, which can work in the harsh environment. Flanked by rubber seals, which can ensure the safe operation of the bearing raceway in the dust-free environment and prevent the leakage of the grease, such bearings are characterized by dust proof, water proof and resistant to heat and high pressure. We also have developed open bearings resistant to heat for specific applications, which can continuously operate in safety from - 40 degree centigrade to + 200 degree centigrade. Thanks to the features mentioned above, Guang Yang bearings have considerable appeal and cannot be replaced in many applications with high requirements.

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