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Port Handling Machinery Industry

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Large-sized port hoisting equipment, including quayside container cranes, gantry cranes, portal jib cranes etc., play a dominant role in handling operation at port. With the continuous development of technology in hoisting machinery and the increasing of requirements under various working conditions, the requirements for technical content  applied to each part of hoisting equipment have been increased at the same time. It is obvious that bearings play an important role as the critical pieces to support the fixed axis and carry the load. If it were not for the use of all kinds of bearings, the equipment would not be able to control their movements normally. Large-sized port hoisting equipment used in harbors usually work in maritime climate with much salt fog, high humidity and temperature changes; while those used in river ports are also affected by industrial atmosphere and bad weather. The operation of equipment with multiple movements and loads tremendously impact the performance of bearings. Wafangdian Guang Yang Bearing has produced a series of bearing products according to the usage of bearings by customers and their requirements, which have reached the international advanced level.

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