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Industrial Gear Transmission

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The power transmission technology is the source of power in the changing world. Further knowledge, more advanced material technology and powerful computing capacity together have made contributions in promoting the development of gear transmission technology and products on different stages, resulting in increasingly smaller size of the gear.

The WGYS roller bearings have been making contributions to the progress of power transmission technology. The increasing progress in metallurgical technology, internal geometric design and lubrication technology enormously extended the service life of bearings and enhanced the reliability of their operation. Our engineers are committed to continuously improve the functional density and performance of gear transmission.

Two major improvements have greatly enhanced our ability to serve the market:

1. Significant extension of bearing production lines in metric system and British System;

2. With the whole series of bearing products on the original equipment and aftermarket including tapered roller bearings, spherical roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, needle rolling bearings, ball bearings and thrust bearings.

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